1) Assist in providing standard, current and correct information/guidance/awareness regarding Naegleria Fowleri

2) Spread the awareness of the risk and the preventative steps to the public and medical/health professionals

3) Advocate for rapid diagnosis and effective and efficient medical treatment of NF and PAM

4) Further the education, create/streamline communication at local and state levels

5) Quarterly conference calls organized by the Waterborne Disease Branch of CDC-discuss current issues, updates, what can both sides do better and what is still needed
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Amoeba Awareness

Naegleria Fowleri is a freshwater amoeba that causes a deadly brain infection. The destruction is rapid and there is currently no guaranteed cure. This amoeba is a risk in warm freshwater and we suggest avoiding water activities when the water is warm, keeping your head out of the water, or wear a nose plug or swim mask. 

Families and friends who lost a loved one to this devastating parasite have found the strength and have the desire to inform other families of the risk and the prevention. 

Awareness groups and foundations have been formed across the US and we've joined together as the National Advocates for Amoeba Awareness to be One Voice for Amoeba Awareness.

Please visit the websites and Facebook pages and spread the awareness.
National Advocates for Amoeba Awareness
This website was created by parents, families, and friends effected by the waterborne, free-living, freshwater amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri. We have joined together here for the awareness and education to others with the hope of saving lives.

The National Advocates for Amoeba Awareness was encouraged by the CDC’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch and consists of families from Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana and Minnesota.

One Voice for Amoeba Awareness
Naegleria Fowleri - 
 ~per the CDC http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/naegleria/

Naegleria fowleri (commonly referred to as the "brain-eating amoeba" or "brain-eating ameba"), is a free-living microscopic ameba, (single-celled living organism). It can cause a rare* and devastating infection of the brain called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). The ameba is commonly found in warm freshwater (e.g. lakes, rivers, and hot springs) and soil. Naegleria fowleri usually infects people when contaminated water enters the body through the nose. Once the ameba enters the nose, it travels to the brain where it causes PAM, which is usually fatal. Infection typically occurs when people go swimming or diving in warm freshwater places, like lakes and rivers. In very rare instances, Naegleria infections may also occur when contaminated water from other sources (such as inadequately chlorinated swimming pool water or heated and contaminated tapwater) enters the nose. 

​*rare, definition adopted by NIH, affecting less than 200000 people in the US